Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peach cobbler, dressing and other delights

Thanksgiving and Christmas always make me miss my Mama -- not just because of her homemade chicken and dressing, peach cobbler and banana pudding. I miss walking into her house and breathing in all those wonderful, mingled scents of the holidays. As long as she was alive, we gathered wherever she was, because Mama was home. Yesterday, as Mike and Clint ate the last of the apple pie I had purchased for Thanksgiving (two more days away!), I said I would have to go buy another one. Clint said, "No Mama. We will have something better, like maybe a homemade peach cobbler." I guess my Mama will be with us in spirit this holiday season, and I hope she'll be looking over my shoulder as I try to make a peach cobbler nearly as good as hers. She will be whispering these words, "Add a little more sugar and a little more butter. Maybe a little more." And now I realize that I have become "home" for my boys. I just hope I can live up to the standard set by the best.


Janet said...

This is beautiful, TK. I pray your cobbler is filled with the love and thoughtfulness Meme put into hers. If so, it will be delicious!

I prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving recently when I lovingly held the tooth-fairy pillow case Meme embroidered for my grandchildren. As I held it in my hands I was overcome with love and appreciation for Meme and the family she so lovingly raised to be so loving! I hope she heard my prayer!

Janet said...

TK, if you put as much love and prayer into your cobbler as Meme must have, I'm sure it will be a big success.

Recently,as I lovingly held the embroidered tooth-fairy pillowcase Meme made for my children and grandchildren, I prayed a prayer of Thanksgiving to God for the love and goodness Meme instilled in her children and consequently to her grandchildren and hopefully to her great-grandchildren! I prayed and I hope Meme looked down upon me, smiled and felt my appreciation and greatfulness for her love!